NEJM 15 Mar 2007 Vol 356

There have been lots of studies about the best place to have myocardial infarction (answer: close to a major hospital) but this is the first I have read about the best time to have one. Avoid weekends. Mortality is higher, and fewer invasive procedures take place. This applies to New Jersey, and I bet it applies even more to the UK. Make sure you have your heart attack in a big city with a good ambulance service on a Thursday morning.

If you are unlucky enough to get myeloma below the age of 65, let’s hope you have a sibling who is HLA-identical. Then after your own bone marrow has been ablated with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, you will do better to have her or his haemopoietic stem-cells to replace it than if you have to rely on cells harvested from your own marrow.

Can you get chickenpox twice? It’s a common question to which it’s uncommonly difficult to find a straight answer. I think the correct one is “yes