ADCE2 – When two tracks diverge in a wood

Acker+Bilk+Cocktails+For+Two+499808You’re sure to remember the ethical dilemma in ADCE1 – the overheard conversation of information that may have done more harm than good – and you’re likely to have spend hours awake, wondering about the next dilemma to come your way.

Will it be, as posed by Emma Neumann in the “Tea & Jeopardy” podcast

“If you were to be approached by someone holding two cocktails & wearing nothing but a winning smile, who would it be?”


It’s rather different than that. ADCE2 sets you a far simpler task:

You are examining the feet of a 14yr old young woman with chronic renal disease and a nasty paronychia when she says “I’ve not told anyone, but when I was in the park last night two men grabbed me and started .. well ..” She goes on to describe an assault; she ran away and banged her toe badly which has now developed into the infection.

Your crash bleep goes off.

What should your actions be, and why?

  • Archi

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