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The following links take you (mostly) to a ‘Storify’ collected stream of pretty tweets that occurred during the discussion*

#ADC_JC 2016

April 2016 – Stop taking the p*ss in prolonged jaundice

March 2016 – The recovery position – safer or just more comfortable

Feb 2016 – Safe discharge of hot children from the ED

Jan 2016 – When should we send that well, warm, child home?


#ADC_JC 2015

Sept 2015 – Who are you calling normal?

August 2015 – How safe are your safety nets?

June 2015 – Washing out baby stomachs to make them munch more 

May 2015 – Improving quality in bronchiolitis care (in Wales)

April 2015 – What makes a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ service for young people with diabetes? (paper)

March 2015 – Wheezy kids and our responses to them

February 2015 – Kawasaki, Immunoglobulins and Registry Studies


#ADC_JC 2014

November 2014 – What happens to term infants with bilious vomiting?

October 2014 – Validity and reliability of capillary refill time: a systematic review

September 2014 – Do anxious mothers cause anxious babies?

June 2014 – The value of WCC in febrile children

May 2014 – How good are paediatricians at interpreting ECGs?

April 2014 – How reliable are the PECARN rules for head injury?

March 2014 – High flow versus hypertonic saline in bronchiolitis

Feb 2014 – Peer mentoring

Jan 2014 – What parents want from doctors for end-of-life decision-making


#ADC_JC 2013


December 2013 – Febrile seizures and ADHD

November 2013 – Concussion presenting to ED

October 2013 – Bruising location and NAI

September 2013 – APLS instructors and neonatal CPR

August 2013 – Depression in chronic fatigue syndrome

July 2013 – ASTECS 2 (long-term effects of antenatal steroids)

June 2013 – Paediatric admissions via ED


*(missing out lots of the chattering in the back rows tho’)




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