Basics: Another way to look at it all

While the theory of different styles of learning (kinetic, verbal, visual etc etc ) may be thoroughly garbage it’s pretty much true that folk often prefer one way of getting their learning. Some like listening – catch our podcasts for that – others doing – so we have #ADC_JC – and many readers of this blog will like, well, reading.

Anyone particularly value pictures? **Especially Updated Pictures!! **

On the basis that lots of us do, Prof Rod Jackson (of Auckland) developed the GATE system, looking at how different shapes can help folk understand the population of a study, the exposure to treatment (or something) and the outcomes in order to systematically critique any study. I think it helps folk understand where the patients come from and get to – in that way we can see where the data are missing, and where they are/are not representative.

The GATE frame can be used in conjunction with the other appraisal elements – like RAMBo and AVID – or with its own list of cue questions. What do you think if it as a method?

– Archi



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