#ADC_JC : Archives of Disease in Childhood’s twitter journal club.

The Archives of  Disease in Childhood’s twitter journal club started in June 2013 and will discuss one paper each month (@ADC_JC)

The twitter journal club will be facilitated by Tessa Davis, who is a paediatric registrar currently on Out-Of-Programme Time in Sydney Children’s Hospital.  (Follow her on twitter @tessardavis as well!)


Erm, I don’t know how to use twitter….?

Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward to get started.  I’ve put together three short screencasts about how to get set up – the first Twitter Basics tutorial is here: http://lifeinthefastlane.com/2013/03/techtutes-tuesday-001/


What is a twitter journal club?

In many ways, it’s just like a regular journal club – people get together and discuss a journal articles critically appraise it; and look at the conclusions and lessons we can learn.  The difference is that this will be done on twitter, so it doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can join in.


How does it work?

The chat will run over an hour.  During this time, any twitter journal club posts should include the hashtag #ADC_JC (i.e. write that hashtag in your post).


Follow the hashtag #ADC_JC and you can keep track of all the posts and the discussion points as they happen.  A simple way of doing this is using twubs.com (an easy-to-use website where you type in your hashtag #ADC_JC and it will show you the feed of posts).  Any post you write in twubs should automatically include that hashtag (but make sure it’s there before you post).


Follow the twitter account @ADC_JC.  I will be moderating from this account and also it will be used to let you know about the discussion summary and the next journal club time.


What does the moderator do?

I will be keeping the conversation going and making sure we stay on track.  There will be a few discussion points to focus the chat during the hour.


What happens afterwards?

We will collate all the comments and post them so others can read them afterwards.


Who can join in?

Anyone can join in – that’s the beauty of twitter!


Will it work?

We hope so!  It’s the first paediatric twitter journal club (that we’re aware of) so will be exciting to get it off the ground.  Join in the discussion!


– Tessa Davis

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