Taking the Body Seriously: 6th Annual AMH Conference, Durham 6-8th July 2009

We live in a society obsessed with the body: the body perfect; the body far from perfect; the body as commodity- modified, objectified, sold on to the highest bidder; the body as art and as the inspiration for art; the body as a source of identity; and the disrupted or diseased body as the object of societal taboo and medical attention. Yet few of us pause in our daily work to try to understand the central role our bodies, and our patients’ bodies, play in the lives we lead. Until of course something goes wrong.

Which is where the next conference of the Association of Medical Humanities comes in, offering a chance to engage with these ideas from an amazing variety of perspectives as only medical humanities knows how. 

As well as featuring international keynote speakers the conference will explore

·       the role of the body in framing experience, knowledge, values and the imagination

·       the place of the body in relation to creativity and the arts, both as generator and as object

·       how science’s methods and agenda reflect the fact and form of embodiment

·       the place of medical conceptions of the body, health and well-being within prevalent contemporary understandings of human flourishing

In addition to this there’s the glorious setting that is Durham plus a chance to feast the evening away in historic Durham Castle.

The call for papers is open until 1st April (not 24th April as previously stated- apologies).  For more information contact the organisers at cmh.admin@durham.ac.uk

Or visit the AMh website at 


See you there!

  • Polly Multon

    Dear Ms. Kirklin,

    We have had contact from a number of people requesting clarification of the deadline date for the submission of abstracts, which is the 1st of April with responses from us by the 24th April. Could you make an amendment on the blog as you are obviously successfully reaching potential speakers and we are anxious that we receive as many good quality submissions as possible by the 1st April so that we have time to assess and respond by the 24th April.

    If you have any questions please give me a ring on 0191 3348245 or email me at p.r.l.multon@durham.ac.uk