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16 Aug, 10 | by Iain Brassington

The comments moderation system here has changed over the last few days and I don’t know how to work it yet.  If a comment you’ve tried to make since about Friday has disappeared, could you let me know via the email address in my profile?

I worry about this because we usually get 5 or 6 spambots a day trying to post, and there’s been nothing for ages.  It might be that the new filter is very efficient and noone real has anything to say – or it might be that you’ve been trying to communicate, but can’t.

UPDATE, 17.viii.10: Yay!  I think I’ve sussed it!  All comments should now be showing.

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  • Iain_Brassington

    Test reply!

  • Missclairebower

    test comment

  • Keith Tayler

    Another test.

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