Hot on the newsstands…

The latest JME is out today… and I’d just like to draw everyone’s attention to the paper on facial allograft transplantation by Ben White and some random bloke who needs a haircut.  This isn’t because I had anything to do with it, but because (a) it’s very good, and (b) it’s based on Ben’s dissertation from his intercalated degree with us here at Manchester.  To go from a standing start as an ethicist to a publishable paper in a little over 9 months is impressive indeed.


He’s not the first Manchester intercalater to trouble the pages of the journal; I hope he’s not the last.


CLARIFICATION: As Sorn points out in the comments, this paper was in the JME tubes long before the blog got going.  And I think it’s teriffic for ANY student to be subitting papers and having them accepted.  No favouritism here.

  • Søren Holm

    And before the conspiracy theorists get going: 1) the Manchester based Editor in Chief had no involvement in the editorial decisions concerning the paper and 2) we do not give preference to bloggers or bloggers in spe either.