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Barbara Bokhour: Patient centered care in an epidemic—why it matters

18 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

Barbara G. BokhourAs the Ebola outbreak in west Africa continues, finding ways to control the epidemic is paramount. In some of the hard hit African countries, we have seen the reluctance of patients to disclose that they are ill and to access healthcare services, citing a fear of the health workers and believing that they will die if they go to the health centers for treatment.

Moreover, in the interest of limiting exposure to the virus, family members have been isolated from their loved ones who are infected and are prevented from conducting traditional burials when a patient dies. more…

Christmas Appeal: An intensive care unit in a conflict zone

12 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

MSF OCA Staff PortraitsTwo people with gunshot wounds are brought to the MSF hospital in Leer. They were at a celebration the previous evening when someone entered and started shooting. Five people were seriously injured. Two of them managed to reach our hospital, but the other three died on the way. more…

Helen Zorbas: 2014 World Cancer Congress

10 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

Helen ZorbasLast week in Melbourne, I had the privilege of joining influential leaders from the international cancer community as over 2800 delegates from 112 different countries came together for the World Cancer Congress, held for the first time in Australia.

The congress highlighted the substantial impact cancer has on nations across the world, and confirmed Australia’s position as a world leader in cancer control.

Worldwide, 8.2 million deaths were attributed to cancer in 2012, exceeding the number of deaths of any other specific disease grouping. By 2025, it is estimated that this number will increase to 11.4 million. more…

Thomas Nierle and Bruno Jochum: MSF should not replace governmental responsibilities on Ebola

9 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

Thomas Nierle_2Bruno Jochim_2MEP Charles Goerens, rapporteur on Ebola to the European Parliament’s Committee on Development, recently declared in a European Council meeting that this epidemic is “the first major international crisis in which the lead should be given to an NGO [non-governmental organisation]—in this case, Médecins Sans Frontières.”

Given that we have repeatedly called for greater leadership from the international community, including the European Union, this proposal took us by surprise. We have interpreted this appeal, coming from an MEP who has also publicly criticised the inadequate reactions of European states in the face of the epidemic, as a symptom of the failure of existing public response mechanisms and, even more so, of the huge collective difficulty in taking action. more…

Christmas Appeal: Benjamin Black on Ebola through his eyes

5 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

Benjamin BlackWhen I begin each day I feel like I know what to expect. I have been in and out of west Africa since June, and watched this sad story developing both as a direct witness on the inside, and as an observer from afar when back home.

In the Ebola treatment centre where I work, I always go to look at the large board of patients’ names at the start of my day. How many have died overnight, and how many will be discharged to singing and clapping as “cured?” more…

Kate Iorpenda: Adolescents are slipping through the cracks in HIV services

1 Dec, 14 | by BMJ

Kate_IorpendaThis year there has been considerable attention on adolescents and HIV, not least because of the World Health Organization’s “Health for the world’s adolescents” report, which highlighted how HIV is claiming the lives of so many young people globally. This is particularly true in Africa, where AIDS related illnesses are the biggest killer of adolescents.

The fact that between 2005 and 2012 there was a 50% increase in HIV related deaths for 10-19 year olds globally is both shocking and unjust, especially considering the progress that has been made in reducing new HIV infections and deaths in adult populations, and when we have seen real success in preventing infections in newborns. more…

Lawrence Haddad: Do we really need a nutrition data revolution?

1 Dec, 14 | by BMJ Group

L_Haddad_twitter_400x400The just released Global Nutrition Report makes the case for a “nutrition data revolution.” Data collection, storage, and analysis costs money—so why do we need to invest in it?

Consider a few facts from the report:

1. Forty nine per cent of 193 countries lack the data to be able to track if they are on or off course for even four of six World Health Assembly (WHA) indicator targets. And these targets were set nearly three years ago. more…

Corinna Hawkes: ICN2—a starting point for preventing malnutrition in all its forms?

28 Nov, 14 | by BMJ

Corinna HawkesIt was pouring with rain when I arrived on a delayed flight to Rome for the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), which was organised by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the World Health Organization (WHO). But I was glad to have arrived at last. ICN2 had been a long time coming. Postponed for two years—it was originally scheduled for 2012, 20 years after the first ICN in 1992—preparations had been fraught and fractious. more…

Global Health Film initiative: Cold Chain Mission—providing immunisation in the world’s toughest places

28 Nov, 14 | by BMJ

global_health_film“Immunisation is the intervention that reaches more children than any other intervention on earth.”

Those were the powerful words of Seth Berkley—chief executive of GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, which is instrumental in increasing vaccine access to children in some of the world’s poorest and hardest to reach areas—said last month at an event at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Health (LSHTM), hosted by the Global Health Film initiative. more…

Pritpal S Tamber: Moustaches, fund raising, and independence from the current healthcare system

24 Nov, 14 | by BMJ

pritpal_tamber_2014I am growing a moustache. This is not the kind of thing you usually need to broadcast, but I am growing it as part of Movember because I believe these kinds of mission specific campaigns are crucial to finding new ways to fund health related services. more…

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