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Becoming a Consultant

Onwards and upwards? The first few months as a consultant

3 Jun, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1You’ve made it. You have new shoes. You cut your hair and filed your nails.

What else do you need to do to get through your first few months as a new Consultant?

Well, nobody can tell you precisely how to survive your first few months as a consultant.  However, Ian, Vin and Helen do have a (quite a few) thoughts that you may find helpful.


Getting through the interview. FAQ about Q.

27 May, 16 | by Ian Wacogne


So there’s maybe a few things that you’ve always wanted to ask about Consultant interview questions but never quite found someone to speak to … or perhaps found someone who you could ask but feel too daft to do so … well.

Once again we’ve got Ian, Vin & Helen to rescue you.


Getting through the interview. On the day.

20 May, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1After your pre-interview visit you’ve reconfirmed your desire for this job, and the day of the interview approaches.

The interview process is fairly standardised around the UK, since the NHS has very strict standards about how to appoint consultants.  (1, 2, 3)  This will obviously differ across the world, but the basic principles should be similar.


Technically speaking it isn’t an interview panel – it’s an appointments advisory board, whose job is to advise the trust board on an appointment.  But since you’ll think of it as an interview panel, and for all intents and purposes it is, then we’ll refer to it as such.  more…

Getting through the interview. Before.

13 May, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1Congrats! You got shortlisted for the interview!

Now all you have to do is get through the process so that if, on the day, you are the best person, you are able to appear at your best, and you stand a good chance of getting appointed.

This begins with the pre-interview visits … you need to visit if are short listed, even if you are the local candidate.  In fact, especially if you are the local candidate.  more…

Filling in the application – understanding the person specification

6 May, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1We realise that you’ve had to wait five years until this post made sense, but thanks to the amazing system of curation we have in the ADC blog posts and the way it burned into your memory we’re delighted you’re back.

It’s time to fill in the application form. The submission of a good application requires that you’ve done some interesting things (see previous post), and display the characteristics required in the person specification.  And the person specification is what we’re going to concentrate on here.


What you should have done 5 years ago

30 Apr, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1You read the trailer, you discussed it with your pals over coffee, animated a snapchat story about it .. and now’s episode 1, AKA: “Regrets”

Frankly, and we need to be honest with you, if you’re a month or two from applying for a senior post, and if this is the first time you’ve thought about this, then you’ve left it too late.   If you’re reading this four or five years ahead of application, that’s about right.   Here’s the sort of things you should have been doing years ahead of applying for a consultant post.


Trailer: Getting your Consultant Job

19 Apr, 16 | by Ian Wacogne

Picture1You may be aware that for ages superheros lived in comics, or graphic novels, with faint nostalgic hints at TV shows from long ago. They emerged into film, then series of films, and then spilled into flooding the TV market with 13-episode long story arcs and much brooding.

Following this media sensation, and after the blazing success of the cinema-esque ‘Tops Tips for New Consultants”, and the marginally less successful sequel “Top Part-time Tips for New Consultants” the studio feel that now is the time to launch a full series of blogs about the transition between senior trainee and early career consultant.

So here’s the trailer … starring Ian Wacogne, Vin Diwakar, and Helen Jenkinson …


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