e-cigarettes hot topic in global tobacco control

At the 6th European Conference on Tobacco Control in Turkey last month, the panel discussion on e-cigarettes was one of the most popular and controversial sessions on offer. While much of the data presented was from the UK, there is near universal agreement that e-cigarette use has risen in the past few years, that some (if not most) of the marketing and promotions are clearly attractive to the youth market, and that there is lack of transparency from the industry about it aims and sales targets. Agreement on issues surrounding how best to regulate products and the utility of e-cigarettes within a comprehensive tobacco control framework remains elusive.

Simon Chapman has blogged a series for the BMJ on e-cigarettes and we recommend these posts and ensuing comment discussions to our TC Blog readers:

1. e-cigarettes: the best and the worst case scenarios for public health

2. Will vapers really “quit and (not) die?”

3. Why is Big Tobacco investing in e-cigarettes?

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