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BMJ Tobacco Control Blog Guidelines

Type of content

We are interested in tobacco control research (including identification of research gaps),
perspectives on tobacco control, tobacco control policy developments, tobacco industry exposés and
any other stories that may have relevance to tobacco control. We are interested in local, national,
regional and global stories. Every blog should have an explicit mention of the relevance of the topic
discussed to tobacco control.

Writing style

Blogs should be accessible to a general audience. Explain all specialist tobacco control terms and
write acronyms in full at the first mention. There is no need to provide a list of references. However,
please include hyperlinks to relevant sources to support your points. Blogs are generally 600-800
words but we will consider pieces outside of this range.


  • Title: Catchy title that draws attention
  • Introduction (a few sentences introducing the topic, key definitions, why the topic is important)
  • Main body of the text (clear communication of the main tenets of the research/tobacco control
    story you wish to share with readers). Bullet points are acceptable where necessary e.g. conveying a
    list of actions. We encourage use of images/infographics/tables etc
  • Conclusion – what can the reader take away from this blog piece? What are the policy implications if
  • Author names and affiliations
  • Competing Interests

Please email your submissions to: (and please do bear in mind that there might be a small delay in hearing back from us given the number of submissions we receive).

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