From the Editor’s Desk – Highlights of the September Issue of Sexually Transmitted Infections

Editor’s choice: Factors associated with reporting antibiotic use as STI prophylaxis among HIV PrEP users: findings from a cross-sectional online community survey, May–July 2019, UK

Why does it matter? Investigators used an online community survey to study the prevalence and factors associated with self-prescribed STI prophylaxis among HIV PrEP users. Self-prescribing was reported by ~ 1 in 10 people, most commonly by those also reporting risky sexual behaviour or a recent STI diagnosis.

  • Give us a key message: Sexual health clinicians should consider asking attendees, especially HIV PrEP users, about the use of antibiotics as STI prophylaxis, to inform appropriate counselling, testing and management. 

Other journal’s highlights:

Managing false positive syphilis serology in clinical practice

How has the pandemic impacted sexual health? A scoping review

Can Dr Google correctly diagnose an STI?

What is the STI burden among women who report same sex behaviour?

How common are oropharyngeal gonorrhoea and chlamydia among MSM?

Perspectives picks:

  • High dose intravenous ceftriaxone against extragenital gonorrhoea
  • Inadvertent HPV vaccination during or peri-pregnancy

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Anna Maria

Prof Anna Maria Geretti

Editor in Chief

Sexually Transmitted Infections

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