Doctor Informed Podcast: DNACPR

BMJ Podcast

by BMJ Talk Medicine


In this episode of the Doctor Informed podcast, the topic of discussion is Do Not Attempt Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (DNACPR) decisions.

The panel, which includes a patient, reflect on the importance of clinicians holding discussions about future end-of-life care as a way of informing and giving choices. The conversation also touches on the challenges that clinicians may face when having these discussions, and panellists give some advice on how to approach them.

Panel members:

Mark Taubert, palliative care consultant,

Kat Shelley, who has stage four metastatic breast cancer, and is receiving palliative care input,

Lucy-Anne Frank, an elderly care consultant,

Clara Munro, surgical registrar.


Listen to the podcast on Soundcloud:

Further Resources:

Mark and Kat discussing DNACPR in outpatient clinic:



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