Podcasting Builds Disability Culture

With funding from the Disability Visibility Project, disabled podcasters Cheryl Green and Thomas Reid are creating a space for Deaf and disabled podcasters and content creators to find each other and find audiences. The project, currently called POD Access, will host a database of Deaf and disabled podcasters and podcasts relating to deafness or disability, have a learning hub with accessible podcasting resources, and be a community to share and reflect our vibrant cultures. We would love for Deaf and disabled podcasters, those hoping to start podcasts, or any audiences interested in deaf- and disability-related content and accessible shows to fill out our survey! It should take less than 20 minutes to complete, and we’d really appreciate it.

Check out the short open-captioned video about the survey, and fill out the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess.


Thomas Reid and Cheryl Green sit in their separate recording booths at their studio microphones, recorded with webcams. Their faces are set in front of a gray and purple slate background, and their smiles are fabulous.



[smooth lounge music soothing your soul]

THOMAS: Hi. I’m Cheryl Green.

CHERYL: And I’m Thomas Reid. Uh, that do…. You don’t look like Cheryl Green.

THOMAS: What do you mean?

CHERYL: Well, I mean Cheryl, she’s got hair on her head, kind of curly, medium length brown hair and black-framed glasses and olive skin.

THOMAS: Okay. Now that you say that, you don’t sound like Thomas Reid. I think he’s a brown-skinned Black man with a shaven head and wear shades and has a full beard and might be wearing like a Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt or something like that.

CHERYL: But we are both disabled podcasters.

THOMAS: Do you think we should say podcasters with disabilities?

CHERYL: Oh, you know what? Let’s do a podcast about that.

THOMAS: Hmm. Good idea.

CHERYL: Actually, Thomas and I are working on a project that’s all about disabled podcasts. It’s called. Oh, wait, we don’t actually have the name yet, right? What should we call it?

THOMAS: We should call it Project Project?

CHERYL: Yeah, I love it. Project Project. Or like, I don’t know, POD Access.

THOMAS: Okay. We’ll go with POD Access for now. With funding from the Disability Visibility Project, we’re creating a space for disabled podcasters or content creators to connect with each other and maybe be discovered by audiences who are interested in your content or share skills and resources.

CHERYL: So, we want to hear from you, current or former, Deaf or disabled podcasters, deaf or disabled people interested in starting a podcast, or consumers of content about disability or deafness.

THOMAS: We created a survey that should only take about 20 minutes to complete, and we’d really love your feedback.

CHERYL: You can find the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess. On that survey you can sign up to receive more information about Project Project as it develops.

THOMAS: Again, fill out the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess.

CHERYL: Good. Nice job, Cheryl.

THOMAS: Oh, you too, Thomas.

[smooth lounge music fades into the future]

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