Podcasting Builds Disability Culture

Disabled podcasters Cheryl Green and Thomas Reid have received funding through the Disability Visibility Project to develop a resource hub for Deaf and disabled podcast creators building accessible, exciting content and reflecting culture through podcasting.

The project has launched with a survey to podcasters and audiences about content, accessibility, and resources from an intersectional perspective. Survey responses will inform development of a web-based database of Deaf and disabled people working in podcasting and podcasts on disability topics. The goal is to help Deaf and disabled podcasters find audiences and find each other.

Check out the short open-captioned video about the survey, and fill out the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess.


Thomas Reid and Cheryl Green sit in their separate recording booths at their studio microphones, recorded with webcams. Their faces are set in front of a gray and purple slate background, and their smiles are fabulous.



[smooth lounge music soothing your soul]

THOMAS: Hi. I’m Cheryl Green.

CHERYL: And I’m Thomas Reid. Uh, that do…. You don’t look like Cheryl Green.

THOMAS: What do you mean?

CHERYL: Well, I mean Cheryl, she’s got hair on her head, kind of curly, medium length brown hair and black-framed glasses and olive skin.

THOMAS: Okay. Now that you say that, you don’t sound like Thomas Reid. I think he’s a brown-skinned Black man with a shaven head and wear shades and has a full beard and might be wearing like a Wu-Tang Clan t-shirt or something like that.

CHERYL: But we are both disabled podcasters.

THOMAS: Do you think we should say podcasters with disabilities?

CHERYL: Oh, you know what? Let’s do a podcast about that.

THOMAS: Hmm. Good idea.

CHERYL: Actually, Thomas and I are working on a project that’s all about disabled podcasts. It’s called. Oh, wait, we don’t actually have the name yet, right? What should we call it?

THOMAS: We should call it Project Project?

CHERYL: Yeah, I love it. Project Project. Or like, I don’t know, POD Access.

THOMAS: Okay. We’ll go with POD Access for now. With funding from the Disability Visibility Project, we’re creating a space for disabled podcasters or content creators to connect with each other and maybe be discovered by audiences who are interested in your content or share skills and resources.

CHERYL: So, we want to hear from you, current or former, Deaf or disabled podcasters, deaf or disabled people interested in starting a podcast, or consumers of content about disability or deafness.

THOMAS: We created a survey that should only take about 20 minutes to complete, and we’d really love your feedback.

CHERYL: You can find the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess. On that survey you can sign up to receive more information about Project Project as it develops.

THOMAS: Again, fill out the survey at https://bit.ly/PODAccess.

CHERYL: Good. Nice job, Cheryl.

THOMAS: Oh, you too, Thomas.

[smooth lounge music fades into the future]

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