March 2022 Issue

March 2022 Issue

March 2022 Issue CoverDisability, relationship, and the negotiation of loss [read the article summary]
Brian Watermeyer, Victor Mckinney

Health awareness as genre: the exigence of preparedness in cancer awareness campaigns and critical-illness insurance marketing
Loren Gaudet

From blocked flows to suppressed emotions: the life of a trope [read the article summary]
Stewart Justman

Health, well-being, and material-ideal hybrid spaces in Yeats’s writing [read the article summary]
Tudor Balinisteanu

Teaching with madness/‘mental illness’ autobiographies in postsecondary education: ethical and epistemological implications
Alise de Bie

Theorising the neurotypical gaze: autistic love and relationships in The Bridge (Bron/Broen 2011–2018)
Catherine McDermott

‘The body says it’: the difficulty of measuring and communicating sensations of breathlessness
Alice Malpass, Coreen Mcguire, Jane Macnaughton

The mediated discourse and voice of euthanasia: the Israeli media as a case study [read the article summary]
Baruch Shomron

Talking it better: conversations and normative complexity in healthcare improvement [read the article summary]
Alan Cribb, Vikki Entwistle, Polly Mitchell

Sexual assault and fatal violence against women during the Irish War of Independence, 1919–1921: Kate Maher’s murder in context
Ciara Breathnach, Eunan O’Halpin

Pine fresh: the cultural and medical context of pine scent in relation to health—from the forest to the home [read the article summary]
Clare Hickman

Food hygiene, public health education and citizenship in Britain, 1948–1967 [read the article summary]
Alex Mold

A legacy of silence: the intersections of medical sociology and disability studies
Gareth Martin Thomas

How care holds humanity: the myth of Cura and theories of care
Halvor Hanisch

The dying patient: taboo, controversy and missing terms of reference for designers—an architectural perspective [read the article summary]
Annie Bellamy, Sam Clark, Sally Anstey

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