International Health Humanities Conference

The 7th International Health Humanities conference, ‘Changing Society: Community Wellbeing and Transformation,  How Health Humanities Can Change the World’ is about to close the doors to abstracts for this year’s conference in the cruise ship capital of Europe – Southampton, UK. This year’s conference will be held on 2nd-4th August 2018 and is hosted by The Good Mental Health Cooperative, a community organisation supported by the University of Nottingham which is founded, led and delivered by people with lived experience of mental distress.

Keynote Speakers for the event are

  • Mark McGann and Julie Eagleton, writer/director and producer of Perplexed Music starring Paul McGann. Perplexed Music is an original short screenplay by Mark McGann about the cycle of devoted love, loss and rebirth, based on the Petrarchan (Italian) sonnet of the same name by Elizabeth Barrett-Browning. The film explores the temporary madness and isolation experienced by a middle-aged man (played by Mark’s brother actor Paul McGann) as he battles for reason and stability with worlds past and present, in need of closure and the strength to continue on his journey without his life companion.
  • Professor Paul Crawford. Paul is Professor of Health Humanities at the School of Health Sciences, University of Nottingham, and Director of the Centre for Social Futures at the Institute of Mental Health, one of the most prominent bodies for mental health research in the UK. He also co-directs Nottingham Health Humanities Research Priority Area supported by the Centre for Advanced Studies.
  • Professor Susan Hogan. Susan is Professor of Arts and Health (formerly Cultural Studies and Art Therapy) and a Professorial Fellow of the Institute of Mental Health, Nottingham. She has an international reputation in the field of arts and health. She has longstanding interests in women’s transition to motherhood and experience of psychiatry.

More information about the event can be found here with links to allow booking and abstract submission. The deadline for abstracts is 1st May 2018.

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