The Reading Room: The 2015 Hippocrates Poetry and Medicine Prize


The Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine is an annual international prize for an unpublished poem on a medical subject. It was launched in 2009 and consists of awards in three categories:

  • An Open Category
  • An NHS Category
  • A Category for Young Poets (14-18 years).

The 2015 judges were poets Rebecca Goss and Simon Rae, author and poet Theodore Dalrymple, and psychiatrist Femi Oyebode. The awards were announced at the 6th International Symposium on Poetry and Medicine on May 22.

First Prize in the Open Category was awarded to teacher and writer Maya Catherine Popa from New York City for her poem A Technique for Operating on the Past, which was inspired by her neuroscientist great grandfather.

The NHS first prize went to former counsellor Kate Compston from Cornwall for a poem about revealing the diagnosis of dementia, Lovely Young Consultant Charms My Husband.

Parisa Thepmankorn from New Jersey received the 2015 Hippocrates Young Poet Prize for Intraocular Pressure.

Links to YouTube readings of these poems and all winners in each category can found here


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