Artist Mark Gilbert and his Portraits of Care: Medical Humanities’ Editors Choice

Anyone lucky enough to have come across or been engaged with Mark Gilbert’s work in the Changing Faces exhibition will be pleased to hear that more of his work is now publicly available.

One of Mark’s paintings, Jarad, featured on the cover of the June issue of Medical Humanities and I would urge you to go on-line and to take time to look this extraordinary portrait. If you do, then I suspect that the experience  will be profound, and, depending perhaps on your perspective and your experiences, even a little disturbing. For some of you this will be the first time you have born witness to someone else’s experience of illness, and you may be struck by the introspective quality of Jarad’s portrait. Others will already know more than they wish to about being ill or of caring for someone who is ill.

I’d also urge you to look at the special on-line version of the paper that accompanies this image. Whilst the paper version features just one additional image, the on-line version has many more and they’re all well worth seeing. As this is the first time Medical Humanities has had two different versions of a paper our electronic labelling system can make the on-line version hard to find. So until we sort out that electronic blip why not follow the link at the beginning and end of this blog and enjoy a more colourful and visual explanation of the work undertaken by Virginia Aita, William M Lydiatt and Mark Gilbert.

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