Assembling Bodies: Art, Science and Imagination, Cambridge, UK

Atomised. Jim Bond. Animated Sculpture, 2005

Cambridge University’s Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is a wonderful research and teaching resource. It’s also has an exhibition space that’s open to the public.

Assembling Bodies: Art, Science & Imagination aims to challenge pre-conceived notions about the human body. This innovative, multi-disciplinary exhibition examines ways that bodies are constructed, known and transformed in various historical, cross-cultural and disciplinary contexts. It invites visitors to explore various technologies through which different bodies are known and made visible.

Presenting insights from anthropology, archaeology, history, classics, bio-medical research and artistic practice, the exhibition brings together an assembly of bodies from different times and places, highlighting multiple and transitive definitions of the body as well as the political implications of the ways that distinct bodies are created and understood.

To find out more visit their website, or better still, you can make it to cambridge, go see for yourself.

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