Boston Medics Make Music in London: 21st -29th June 2008

Please see below details of a musical tour of London with a medical humanities flavour.

Details provided by Dr Lisa M. Wong, President and Violinist Longwood Symphony Orchestra.

The Longwood Symphony Orchestra, the unique ensemble of Boston-based medical professionals who are also accomplished musicians dedicated to raising funds and awareness for health care organizations, will be embarking on its tour to London in just a week.

“Bridging the Atlantic: Artful Innovations in Cancer Care” will involve LSO musicians speaking about cancer research, therapy, and care, playing directly for patients in hospices and hospitals,visiting research institutes, and performing fundraising concerts for Marie Curie Cancer Care and the St.Bartholomew’s Cancer unit.

Some of the ensemble will visit St. Christopher’s Hospice which has an extensive performing arts program, and meet with people from the MacMillan Cancer Support, which is designing a healing garden for cancer. Others will be performing at Edenhall Marie Curie Hospice and still others will speak and perform on early cancer detection at  Royal Marsden Hospital.

The week is filled with conversation on music and healing through hand’s on work and through concert performances.

If anyone is interested in joining this conversation and attending concerts, visit

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