Meiotic chromatid recombination and segregation assessed with human single cell genome sequencing data

During meiosis of human oocytes, parental homologous chromosomes will occur DNA double-strand breaks (DSBs) based recombination which is a reciprocal genetic information exchange. In our study, we found a part population of oocytes exist a genome conversion phenomenon in which one chromosome could give up a large part of its DNA and repair it with the corresponding sequence of homologous chromosome. In addition, we also found a high frequency gene conversion events at the centromere adjacent regions which maybe essential for the oocyte chromosome segregation. Lastly, we also assessed the SNP based and crossover based “meiotic drive” in human oocyte, however, our data doesn’t support these hypothesis. Our results indicated the biological function of DNA DSBs in oocyte is not limited to crossover based recombination. (By Dr. Jun-Yu Ma, )

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