Despite the ongoing COVID0-19 pandemic, the last year has seen Frontline Gastroenterology continue to publish great content that educates and informs doctors around the world to provide care for their patients. We are grateful to everyone who has submitted their work to us. To celebrate this, we have launched the #FGCup on Twitter to allow our readers to vote for their favourite ‘in print’ paper of the past year. Based on Mark Beattie’s Editor’s Choices from the past year of print journals (see below for links to the original articles), this will be run as a knockout competition over the course of January.

Get involved and let us know which papers you like and why! Follow us on Twitter @FrontGastro_BMJ to keep up with the #FGCup and continue to send us your best work.


Links to original articles

Eosinophilic oesophagitis: recent advances and practical management

Constipation in ulcerative colitis: pathophysiology and practical management

Best management of irritable bowel syndrome

Obesity management for the gastroenterologist

The gut microbiome: what every gastroenterologist needs to know

Management of iron deficiency anaemia in secondary care across England between 2012 and 2018: a real-world analysis of Hospital Episode Statistics

Getting to grips with sarcopenia: recent advances and practical management for the gastroenterologist

British Intestinal Failure Alliance (BIFA) guidance – haematological and biochemical monitoring of adult patients receiving home parenteral nutrition


Schedule for #FGCup

4/1-5/1            Eosinophilic oesophagitis V Constipation in UC

6/1-7/1            Best management of IBS V Obesity management for the gastroenterologist

11/1-12/1        The gut microbiome V Management of IDA in secondary care

13/1-14/1        Getting to grips with sarcopenia V BIFA guidance on home PN

18/1-19/1        Semifinal 1

20/1-21/1        Semifinal 2

25/1-26/1        Third place

27/1-28/1        Final

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