Frontline Gastroenterology Twitter Debates #FGDebate

Frontline Gastroenterology is pleased to announce a new and exciting educational initiative in the form of ‘Frontline Gastroenterology Twitter Debates’ with online debates and discussions hosted by expert clinicians and academics from around the world.  This is your chance to ask the experts directly about clinical issues that affect you on the ‘Frontline’.


The debates will held monthly on Tuesday evenings at 8pm-9pm GMT and lead by @FrontGastro_BMJ using #FGDebate.  Debates will be advertised on Twitter, via the website and within the journal.


Each Twitter debate will be based around a ‘Frontline’ topic – and the research literature relevant to it – in the different Gastroenterology and Hepatology subspecialty fields.


Post debate, a summary of the debate will be available online, coupled with a podcast and written commentary from the expert involved in the debate.


How do I participate in the Twitter Debates?

–       To contribute via Twitter you need to have your own Twitter account – don’t worry it takes 2 minutes to set up and (via www.twitter.com) is very easy to use and follow!

–       For those of you not currently on Twitter, please don’t be afraid: you can easily edit your profile so that you won’t be committed to interactions you don’t want

–       Once you have an account to add a tweet to the discussion, you simply need to add our Twitter debate hashtag symbol at the end of your tweet: #FGDebate


If you forget to add #FGDebate at the end of your tweets no one will see them!



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