Searching whilst feeding

Had one of those yes-this-is-how-it-could-work moments recently.

I was sat at the back of a departmental lunchtime meeting (in Turo) recently eating a cake and clocking up some CPD. There was a presentation on ‘refeeding syndrome’ and I managed to search BMJ Case Reports for ‘refeeding syndrome’ on my recently acquired smartphone and found several cases.

It would be good for future meetings to perhaps highlight such cases and the associated media that would come with them. For example, including the case reports as examples of other presentations of ‘refeeding syndrome’ would reinforce the message of the meeting. The message was more on ‘phosphate’ and could have been more on possible presentations of refeeding syndrome and who is at risk.

Using the now enormous database of BMJ Case Reports to supplement case presentations at work is becoming a real opportunity. For a department that has a license to the collection they can then use the cases, images, diagrams etc. in their own teaching.

Dean Jenkins
Editor at Large