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Education for Choice hightlights misleading pregnancy counselling

Education for Choice support young people’s right to informed choice on abortion. They report that Feminist Action Cambridge held a demo in Cambridge city centre to raise awareness of local ‘crisis pregnancy centres’ which they feel are ‘using emotionally manipulative techniques’ and misinformation ‘in order to increase the guilt women might feel at having an abortion.’ They sent mystery shoppers to three counselling centres in Cambridgeshire and found that, at each one, women were being given some kind of false information about abortion and/or subjected to ‘counselling’ which was biased and often based on personal anecdotes.

New NICE Clinical Guideline: Ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage

This clinical guideline offers evidence-based advice on the diagnosis and management of ectopic pregnancy and miscarriage in early pregnancy and is available from NICE at:

The Morning After: A Cross Party Inquiry into Unplanned Pregnancy

2020Health.Org report that “Over half of unplanned pregnancies happen because people are not using sufficient contraception, according to a survey by a Cross-Party Parliamentary Inquiry.

Th inquiry, supported by 2020health, into unwanted pregnancies, highlights three main findings:
1.That a large proportion of unwanted pregnancies are happening because people are not using sufficient contraception;
2. That there is inadequate Sex and Relationship Education in schools; and
3. That there is a lack of access to contraception for over 25s.



ICEC has relaunched its website with easily accessible information on all aspects of emergency contraception worldwide. The map of registration status of EC pills is particularly interesting as is the status and availability database


New IUS launched

Skyla, has gained FDA approval and is due to be launched in the USA next month Рthe first new device to come to market in 12 years.  Skyla contains 13.5 mg of Levonorgestrel and differs from Mirena in that it prevents pregnancy for 3 years rather than 5 and appears to be aimed at younger women who have not had children.



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