The Journal – October Issue

Highlights from this issue include:

The effects of childhood sexual abuse on women’s lives and their attitudes to cervical screening

This commentary by Sarah Kelly is the Editor's Choice and available free.

Barriers to cervical screening in women who have experienced sexual abuse: an exploratory study

This This article has been Unlocked  article by Cadman et al. explores the barriers that women who have been sexually abused experience in accessing cervical screening.

Effect of domestic violence on contraceptive choice

This study from Nicaragua looks at the impact of intimate partner violence (IPV) on the choices that women make about their contraception.

Cervical screening among migrant women in London

A qualitative study exploring attitudes towards participation in the UK’s National Health Service Cervical Screening Programme (NHSCSP) amongst Central and Eastern European migrants throws some light on the reasons for variations in their participation.

Accessing referral for abortion in the USA

Dodge et al. have investigated the readiness of services that do not provide abortion to offer referral to other services.

Contraception challenges in Lesotho – not so different from the UK

In his 2011 Margaret Jackson Prize Essay, Nic Robertson gives readers a fascinating insight into the challenges facing contraception services, and problems encountered with use of current contraceptive methods, in Lesotho.

Private vs public abortion providers: implication for abortion stigma

This personal view article is written by a health professional who has experience of abortion services in both the private and public sectors in Australia and the UK. The contrast is worrying and raises a number of issues, especially since the political climate around abortion services generally seems to be becoming more, rather than less, conservative.

Patients’ thoughts and concerns about psychosexual therapy

Having previously considered the experiences of psychosexual therapists, the Journal’s Consumer Correspondent, Susan Quilliam, now explores what patients themselves think ‘psychosexual support’ might entail and identifies some of the questions they may voice in the consulting room.

Plus Letters to the Editor include:

Pitfalls of adapting emergency contraception CEU guidance

Entonox® analgesia for IUD insertions and removals

Allergy to Nexplanon®

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