Top 10 most read in August: women’s health from Uganda to northern Europe

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The top 10 most read BMJ Open articles for August show that the top four spots remain unchanged from July. While COVID-19-related papers remain popular overall, there are two new entries this month that focus on women’s health. 

Mobility patterns of young women who exchange sex for money or commodities in Uganda

King et al. conducted a qualitative study, which was a substudy of a randomised controlled trial, to assess mobility patterns and reasons for high mobility among young women engaged in sex work, in order to understand how mobility may hinder access to health services and enhance HIV risk in this highly vulnerable population. By conducting in-depth interviews, the researchers found that there was a complex web of reasons for high mobility among young sex workers, including violence, poverty, and a lack of education and employment opportunities. They also found that the participants were far more mobile than anticipated, with greater distances, frequency and destinations of movement.

Height loss in middle age and risk of early death in northern European women

In their observational study, Klingberg et al. examined height changes in middle-aged northern European women in relation to overall and cardiovascular mortality. They included Swedish women from the Swedish Prospective Population Study of Women in Gothenburg (n=1,147) and Danish women from the MONItoring trends and determinants of CArdiovascular disease (MONICA) study (n=1,259). Date and cause of death were monitored between 17 and 19 years. Overall, 625 of the women died from all causes during the 19-year monitoring period. However, during the 17-year period, cardiovascular disease was the primary cause of death in 157 women, which included 37 cases of stroke (362 cases were due to other causes). Pooled analysis of the data showed that major height loss was associated with a more than doubling in the odds of death from stroke and all types of cardiovascular disease, and 71% greater odds of death from all other causes. However, the findings should be interpreted with some caution as the authors note that the number of stroke deaths was small and other unmeasured factors may have influenced the findings.

Here’s the full list of papers that were the most read in BMJ Open during August 2021:

*Most read figures are based on pdf downloads and full text views. Abstract views are excluded.
Rank* Author(s) Title
1 Li et al. Impact of COVID-19 on female fertility: a systematic review and meta-analysis protocol
2 Houben et al. Cohort profile: the PHARMO Perinatal Research Network (PPRN) in the Netherlands: a population-based mother-child linked cohort
3 Gadermann et al. Examining the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on family mental health in Canada: findings from a national cross-sectional study
4 Espiritu et al. The Philippine COVID-19 Outcomes: a Retrospective study Of Neurological manifestations and Associated symptoms (The Philippine CORONA study): a protocol study
5 Dost et al. Perceptions of medical students towards online teaching during the COVID-19 pandemic: a national cross-sectional survey of 2721 UK medical students
6 King et al. Mobility study of young women who exchange sex for money or commodities using Google Maps and qualitative methods in Kampala, Uganda
7 Dahlen et al. Intrapartum interventions and outcomes for women and children following induction of labour at term in uncomplicated pregnancies: a 16-year population-based linked data study
8 Axson et al. Clinical trial transparency and data sharing among biopharmaceutical companies and the role of company size, location and product type: a cross-sectional descriptive analysis
9 Dennis et al. Multiorgan impairment in low-risk individuals with post-COVID-19 syndrome: a prospective, community-based study
10 Klingberg et al. Loss of height predicts total and cardiovascular mortality: a cohort study of northern European women


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