Most popular articles in August


The list of the top 10 most-read articles in BMJ Open in August is topped by a protocol that sets out an implementation research study to assess the surgical scale-up process in the rural district of Achham, Nepal. You can see it here. There are three protocols in the top 10.

  Authors Title
1 D Smith-Rohrberg Maru et al. Implementing surgical services in a rural, resource-limited setting: a study protocol
2 K Engkilde et al. Association between cancer and contact allergy: a linkage study
3 JW Vaupel et al. Life expectancy and disparity: an international comparison of life table data
4 I Skeie et al. Changes in somatic disease incidents during opioid maintenance treatment: results from a Norwegian cohort study
5 J Brett et al. A systematic mapping review of effective interventions for communicating with, supporting and providing information to parents of preterm infants
6 G Tugnoli et al. The NOTA study: non-operative treatment for acute appendicitis: prospective study on the efficacy and safety of antibiotic treatment (amoxicillin and clavulanic acid) in patients with right sided lower abdominal pain
7 A Kjaergaard Danielsen et al. Early closure of temporary ileostomy—the EASY trial: protocol for a randomised controlled trial
8 S Voigt-Radloff et al. A multicentre RCT on community occupational therapy in Alzheimer’s disease: 10 sessions are not better than one consultation
9 C Heneghan et al. Medical-device recalls in the UK and the device-regulation process: retrospective review of safety notices and alerts
10 S Vinther & J Rosenberg Fate of manuscripts rejected by a non-English-language general medical journal: a retrospective cohort study

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