Art and Social Justice series: The Doctor

Art work

The Doctor: This is an adaption of work by Luke Fields where I explore limitations of medicine in 21st century and some long-standing barriers e.g., social class/ language barriers/ cultural barriers.

Photo of Ameana Khan

Known as Dr Ameana Khan/ Artist name Ameana Alessandri (married name)

Occupation: Anaesthetists/ Artist

Ameana’s artistic journey, born from the depths of great loss, is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery. While encouraged by her family to pursue a traditional academic path, she quietly nurtured her passion for art as a self-taught artist. After the loss of her father, she has used painting as a form of escapism. She quickly realised painting gave her a voice which she did not realise she had. She strives to capture the essence of a situation and look beyond its distractions. Her work aims to start conversations. Today, as a junior doctor specialising in anaesthesia at University Hospital Wales, Ameana seamlessly intertwines her medical expertise with the emotive world of art.

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