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BMJ EBM Verdict Tracker

  The EBM Verdict tracker is updated monthly to select the research evidence that can matter to clinical practice: EBM Verdict articles are published in BMJ EBM. EBM Verdict Evidence that helps you come to a definitive conclusion and can be implemented into clinical practice. Introducing the EBM Verdict: research evidence relevant to clinical practice […]

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Evidence Watch: should ‘rooming in’ be the norm?

  Evidence suggests rooming-in should be the norm in hospitals but what factors will limit uptake  Carl Heneghan Here’s what we selected this week: Daily vs intermittent antituberculosis therapy for pulmonary tuberculosis in patients with HIV a randomized clinical trial. JAMA Internal Medicine, 178(4), 485–493. Bottom line:  HIV-positive patients with pulmonary TB receiving antiretroviral therapy, do […]

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