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Evidence, expertise and patient: useful practical ideas on teaching EBM in the workplace

Blog entry written on: Educational strategies to enhance EBM teaching and learning in the workplace: a focus group study, (bmjebm-2020-111383.R1) Authors: L.S. Welink, E. de Groot, R.A.M.J. Damoiseaux, M.E.L. Bartelink  If physicians want to practise evidence-based medicine (EBM) when making decisions for individual patients, it is essential to learn how to combine the three circles […]

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Methods for teaching EBM: what’s the best bet?

“Blog entry written on: (IV)Integrating evidence-based medicine skills into a medical school curriculum: a quantitative outcomes assessment, (bmjebm-2020-111391). Authors: Laura Menard, Amy E Blevins, Daniel J Trujillo, Kenneth H Lazarus As medical research continues to accelerate, the need for trainees to demonstrate progressive competency of evidence-based medicine (EBM) skills will only continue to grow. Medical […]

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