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EBM Roundup – Devices and Facebook vaccines


In the second of our EBM round-ups, Carl Heneghan, Helen Macdonald and Duncan Jarvies are joined by Deborah Cohen, investigative journalist and scourge of device manufacturers.

We’re giving our verdict on the sensitivity and specificity of ketone testing for hyperemesis, and the advice to drinking more water to prevent recurrent UTIs in women.

Deb joins us to talk about the massive, international, investigation into failing regulation for implantable devices – and shares some of the stories where these have harmed patients.

Finally, Carl is excised about antivaxer ads on facebook – but Helen has seen some pro-vaccine ones which are poor science too.

Reading list:

Diagnostic markers for hyperemesis gravidarum

Effect of Increased Daily Water Intake in Premenopausal Women With Recurrent Urinary Tract Infections…llarticle/2705079

The great implant scandal…at-implant-scandal

Facebook antivaccine ads…-a8620831.html

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