What moved you to move?

20140320-145928.jpgWhen was the last time you changed your behaviour? (I’m not talking here of speaking differently to your Mum in Urdu, your sister in Londoneese and your patient in Glaswegian …) When did you last decide “I am doing THIS/THAT thing differently from now on.”

Got one?

Right. Why did you do it? Take 30 seconds to think it through.

What came up in your thinking.

Was “it was because I read a really nice systematic review” or “someone just showed me the most amazing Western blot”? Or “Ali X said to me he always hated taking NN because ZZ”, or “Dr S, whom I adore (professionally) told me about a study that …”, or “My jeans don’t fit. I am going to stop having a packet of crisps every lunchtime.”

I will guess that it was a person, or a story, or an event.



Now. Tell me again why you’re not thinking qualitative research is proper science.


– Archi



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