The despair of the box-ticking paediatrican

So, as the annual assessment of learning by paediatric trainees reached fever pitch in many ares of the UK, a question rang out across Twitter:

In (trainees approaching ARCP), does (shoehorning logbook to curriculum) compared to (reflecting on clinical experiences) improve outcomes?

And while this, I feel, is more of an emotional outpouring to garner peer support, love and recognition of the need for coffee rather than an evidence request, there are some data supporting the use of work based assessments and e-portfolios

It may be surprising (for some) to find that systematic reviews of admittedly not top-tier evidence underpinned the programme of work based assessments and e-portfolios ($wall). The majority of work seems to favour multi-source feedback as being a promoter of change, and other methods (observing practice etc) do not quite have the degree of recommendation. The e-portfolio, in comparison to the paper portfolio (** YES YOUNG PEOPLE WE REALLY DID HAVE THEM **) was considered positive.

But as to if this particular act of ticking which bit of the curriculum matches to which bit of the item that’s being entered … not sure we do quite have the evidence for that.

Yet …

– Archi

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