Researcher Tips for Children and Young People’s work

We’ve published about academic training in the UK for paediatricians recently, we’ve heard that there is a decrease in the amount of paeds research happening, and we know that there’s stuff floating to push up the political vision of children and young people’s health.

We know that we can try to reduce waste by increasing efficiency in research, and we can look at boiling social media feeds to see how education (#FOAM) seems to splutter rich and velvety from every pore (but we’re not quite sure if it works).

Can we, here in the Arch Dis Child blog, draw these flumes together to share, via this blog, tweetering and facebookery (?? sp ??) hints and tips about how to get into, do and make more efficient our own efforts in researching in paediatrics and child health?

Why not start with a response here, a tweet to #CYPRtip or comment on our facebook post?

  • Archi

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