#TakeoverDay 2013.

Do you know a young person who would want to blog to a worldwide group of children/young people’s clinicians? Run the twitter account of an international journal for a day?

Next Friday, 22 November 2013, is the Children’s Takeover Day 2013 in the UK and we at the Archives of Diseases in Childhood, despite the fusty name, would like to offer the opportunity to use our social media to amplify the voices of some young people on how or what research, clinical innovation or approach should be done by our readers.

To offer yourself up, or support someone in doing so, get them to tweet @ADC_BMJ and we can then DM to work something out, or send an email to info.adc[ at ]bmj.com with the subject ‘Takeover Day’.

We look forward to hearing from you

– Archi

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