Best Practice – what would you like to see?

So, I’ve been commissioning a lot of new Best Practice articles – many of them in “15 minute consultation” format. Here’s my standard commissioning brief:

Commissioning letter for Best Practice including 15 minute consultation papers

My question is:  What would you like to see as a 15 minute consultation paper?  Bear in mind that I’ve commissioned recently on subjects as diverse as “The Crying Infant”, “The Infant with a Large Head” and “The Child with recurrent Croup” – I’d be interested to know what you’d like me to commission on.

(Note:  the 15 minutes refers to the time that the author of the paper has with the reader, who is assumed to be relatively bright, some understanding of which end of a child is which, and able to grasp ideas pretty quickly.  It doesn’t mean 15 minutes for the clinician to spend with the child and family)



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