What do you wonder about?

Lost sheepWe’ve been Archimeding (?sp) for a number of years now, and writing on topics of interest to a range of us. What would you like to read more about? How to understand diagnostic test accuracy? The problems of multiple measurements? The issue of bias in meta-analysis? Where to get quick and trustworthy answers to questions? What to do about drop-outs in studies, or how to use historical controls for comparison?

What else would you like to see? A cite-u-like group for paediatricians interested in applying EBM? Some route to a posterous blog about questions as they are proposed? And are their clinical questions yet unanswered you’d like to have a crack at – or leave for someone else to do?

Use this thread to get going, or tweet away to @archiadc. We’ll see what we can do.

Acknowledgment: photo from Flickr by RyanMcD under a CreativeCommons2.0 license

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