Should we give tamixofen for pubertal gynaecomastia?

MoobsWell, the media has occasional frenzies over the rising tide of male ‘boob jobs’, but to the average paediatrician it’s the rare adolescent that can’t take his T-shirt off because of pubertal breast enlargement that causes real concern. How should such a potentially disabling and yet ultimately short-lived problem be addressed?

The approaches vary from ‘stiff upper lip’ to ‘slice them off’ with a dose of oestrogen-receptor blocking agent in the middle. Is there any good evidence to support any approach over any other? What are the benefits to any action when compared to fiddling with either delivate glandular tissue or hormones during the most obviously hormonal phase of young human development?

Fortunately, Dr Maidement has set out to try to give us something to steer our ships by. Until there’s an answer though, what is your practice?


Photo from BBC News

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