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Ever looked at the Archimedes section and thought “I wonder what I could write about?” or “I wish they’d look at this?” Here’s the space you were looking for.

Well, here’s the first one. Feel free to add some more:

Q: Encouraging adolescents to take their medication
Question– In adolescents with malignant disease on chronic medication (>3 months duration) [patients] does text messaging [intervention] or emailing [intervention] or phone contact [intervention] or anything [desperate intervention] compared with just keeping telling them how important it is [comparison] improve adherence to prescriptions and survival/morbidity [outcomes]

Context – So my primary interest is oncology, but it could be adapted to any area, I guess. How do you help adolescents keep taking the medicines that might save their lives?
Feel free to register your interest and intention to answer the question as a comment on this post. We can then turn it into it’s own little blog-stream and remove it from the pool. You’d have 3 months to come back with something (see here for hints) or we’d pop it back into the pot for answering.

(Remember if you’re posting, follow this format)

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