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Stroke following CABG and long term outcomes

3 Oct, 11 | by Alistair Lindsay

Stroke is a potentially devastating complication following cardiothoracic surgery with a reported incidence of between 2 and 10%. While numerous risk factors have been described for stroke, little data are available regarding its temporal relationship to the surgical procedure and whether this predicts long term outcomes. more…

Operator Experience Influences Carotid Stenting Outcomes

2 Oct, 11 | by Alistair Lindsay

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the first carotid stenting system in 2004, and since then the use of the procedure has steadily increased in America.  However, carotid stenting is a technically demanding procedure, and several studies have noted a significant learning curve for operators performing the procedure.  This study investigated the experience base of those currently performing carotid stenting in the US by examining annual volume and experience, and their relationship to outcomes, amongst new operators. more…

Low vitamin D levels linked to subclinical atherosclerosis

9 Aug, 11 | by Alistair Lindsay

In recent epidemiological studies, 25-hydroxyvitamin D deficiency has been identified as a novel cardiovascular risk factor.  However, the mechanisms by which vitamin D deficiency affect cardiovascular risk remain unclear. more…

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