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Practical Authorship: What to write instead of a Case Report

28 Jul, 15 | by Ian Wacogne

Quill_penI’ve spent quite a while trying to convince you that you really ought not to be writing a case report.  But you’re in a bind.  Firstly, you’ve got in mind a case report – or you’re under pressure to write a case report with (for) someone.  And also, you’ve got to get published.  So, what are you going to write instead?


Practical Authorship: Should I write a Case Report?

16 Jun, 15 | by Ian Wacogne

Quill_penShould you write a case report?

There is a short answer here, and there is a long answer.  I will give you the short answer, but only if you promise to read the rest.  The short answer is “no”*.  The longer answer is…


Practical Authorship: Who is Reading?

9 Jun, 15 | by Ian Wacogne

Quill_penIf you write, who is reading?


Something I find strange is that people don’t draw on their own experience of reading when they begin to write.  As such, they often don’t write in a way that they themselves would be drawn to.


Let me start here with a couple of questions. Please answer honestly.


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