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Picket line

8 May, 13 | by Bob Phillips

Do you remember we started looking out for new studies, important studies, that would change the way we thought about paediatric practice, or confirmed that we didn’t need to? It was back in 2010 and we’ve not stopped. But we’d like to hear from you if you want to join in. more…

Best Practice – what would you like to see?

19 Feb, 13 | by Ian Wacogne

So, I’ve been commissioning a lot of new Best Practice articles – many of them in “15 minute consultation” format. Here’s my standard commissioning brief:

Commissioning letter for Best Practice including 15 minute consultation papers

My question is:  What would you like to see as a 15 minute consultation paper?  Bear in mind that I’ve commissioned recently on subjects as diverse as “The Crying Infant”, “The Infant with a Large Head” and “The Child with recurrent Croup” – I’d be interested to know what you’d like me to commission on.

(Note:  the 15 minutes refers to the time that the author of the paper has with the reader, who is assumed to be relatively bright, some understanding of which end of a child is which, and able to grasp ideas pretty quickly.  It doesn’t mean 15 minutes for the clinician to spend with the child and family)



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