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When is a result not a result?

16 Nov, 11 | by Ian Wacogne

Hot on the heels of this great Archimedes on whether or not you should routinely do an LP in infants with a urinary tract infection, comes another publication, covered with a fairly critical review in Journal Watch.
What’s fascinating here is both “sides” drawing a conclusion that they can’t draw. more…

Question: How to diagnose and treat pyelonephritis

28 Nov, 07 | by Bob Phillips

Renal USS - spot the bad oneIn children suspected of having a UTI, what clinical and radiological features diagnoses pylonephritis, and what mode of antibiotic treatment is necessary to produce clinical improvement and avoid chronic renal impairment?

With the publication of the NICE guidance in the UK on the management of UTI in childhood, many paediatricians have been spurred to review their understanding of the evidence underpinning certain aspects of the clinical pathway. more…

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