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Clean your hands! And wash your stethoscope while you’re at it.

7 Feb, 11 | by Bob Phillips

It’s now been some years since I’ve felt comfortable working with the feel of soft cotton on my elbows. Even when not in a designated clinical zone, its sort of wrong. Anyway, after the success of ‘wash your hands’ decade in making millions of people have cracked, sore skin, there’s a thrust to the obsessive wiping of stethoscopes too.

But how ‘evidence based’ is this new hygienic puritanism?

“It ain’t what you say but the way that you say it”

26 Jun, 10 | by Bob Phillips

Known and sung about from 1939 onwards, and beloved of puppy-trainers and parents of toddlers, it’s clear that how we say something is often more important than what we say. And we now know that this is true for how we write down clinical recommendations and indicate the weight of evidence behind them. (When I say know, we have good randomised experimental data to guide us from the excellent @CharlieNeck and @giordanopg, summarised here.) more…

Novelty or reality?

21 Mar, 10 | by Bob Phillips

There’s a rather old study of playground renovation that’s been re-circulating recently (via Twitter, via @drbengoldacre and @cebmblog) which claims to demonstrate that really fancy multicoloured markings in primary school playgrounds get kids moving much more. more…

Are there effective strategies to reduce the length of stay for “well” near-term babies?

22 Oct, 07 | by BMJ

Premature babyLength of stay for ‘well’ near term (30-36 week gestation) babies varies between units and between countries, with the UK average being discharge at 36+2 weeks corrected. What strategies are in place in your unit to help these ‘small but well’ babies get out of precious neonatal cots into their own lovingly decorated cribs at home? And more to the Archimedes point – is there any evidence these interventions work?


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