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Do neonates produce CO2?

4 May, 11 | by Bob Phillips

Well, I know that they do to some extent, but do they do it enough to make those expensive little burp-detector kits turn yellow when you intubate correctly? They do in grown ups, and in proper children with big breaths, but what about teeny tiny children?


Hurtful or helpful?

14 Jan, 11 | by Bob Phillips

When you’re thinking about applying the results of a clinical trial, its’ often difficult to get a meaningful handle on the balance that should be made between the beneficial and adverse effects of a treatment. If the medicine gives pain relief from your laparotomy to 1 extra patient in every three that take it (NNT=3), but makes 1 in 10 significantly very very constipated (NNH = 10) then is it worth using? more…

Q: Spandex on prescription?

24 Jan, 10 | by Bob Phillips

PolymerFast drying, figure hugging and a joy to not iron, lycra (R) has revolutionised my laundry life. There are potentially even greater benefits though, with the use of lycra suits being promoted for children with cerebral palsies. more…

But at what cost?

8 Apr, 08 | by Bob Phillips

Scales of Health EconomicsIt’s uncommon for us, as paediatricians, to be asked about how cost-effective our treatments are. Glancing at the media shows health stories about the new wonder drugs in adult cancer, or in Alzheimer’s disease, and how they are being restricted by a heartless and miserly health system. Where do these statements about ‘cost-effectiveness’ come from?


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