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ADCE3 – Nothing seems right

28 Jun, 16 | by Bob Phillips

download (1) There are some times when it seems that no decision can be the right decision but doing nothing is as much as a decision as doing something.

Admittedly, it’s rare you’re faced with shooting a killer in cold blood to prevent him murdering a not-so-innocent man.

But sometimes the triadic nature of paediatric & adolescent medicine causes us trouble. more…

ADCE2 – When two tracks diverge in a wood

7 Jun, 16 | by Bob Phillips

Acker+Bilk+Cocktails+For+Two+499808You’re sure to remember the ethical dilemma in ADCE1 – the overheard conversation of information that may have done more harm than good – and you’re likely to have spend hours awake, wondering about the next dilemma to come your way.

Will it be, as posed by Emma Neumann in the “Tea & Jeopardy” podcast

“If you were to be approached by someone holding two cocktails & wearing nothing but a winning smile, who would it be?”



ADCE – Another innovation

11 May, 16 | by Bob Phillips

downloadIt might be a chemotherapy regimen (Actinomycin, Dox, Carboplatin & Etoposide). It might be a bad attempt at the alphabet by a melissophobic.

But no.

It’s our constant striving to innovate and excite, occasionally with positive results. Ethically. more…

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