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#ADC_JC discusses a controversial study

16 Jan, 14 | by tessadavis

December’s #ADC_JC looked at a paper suggesting that febrile seizures were linked to the development of ADHD.

Everyone enjoyed getting their teeth into this paper – read the key points (and main criticisms!) in our storify.

Next month will see us examining the role of doctors in end-of-life decision making, happening at 9pm (UK) on Thursday 23rd January. All you need to know about how to join in is posted here (and if you want a quick link to your electronic diary press the GoogleCal button above).

Another #ADC_JC in the bag

11 Dec, 13 | by Bob Phillips

As some of you will be aware from being involved or lurking (nothing Yewtree about that …) the ADC_JC has been a worldwide Twitter phenomenon.

Last month, we looked at Concussion presenting to the ED. The summary and story of the hour is captured brilliantly here :

(splellng mistakes and all).

Next month will see us examining the risk of AHDH after febrile seizures, happening at 9pm (UK) on Monday 16 December. All you need to know about how to join in is posted here (and if you want a quick link to your electronic diary press the GoogleCal button above).

- Archi

October #ADC_JC – can bruise location help us spot physical abuse?

29 Oct, 13 | by tessadavis

October’s #ADC_JC discussed this paper on bruising patterns in children with physical abuse.

Anyone working with children should be on the lookout for physical abuse – but can the number of bruises and the pattern of bruising actually tell us anything?

We were joined by Professor Alison Kemp, one of the study authors and I have storified the key discussion points HERE.

Our next #ADC_JC will be some time in November.  The paper and date will be announced shortly – keep your eye on our landing page, or follow us on twitter to find out.

September #ADC_JC – Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach?

10 Oct, 13 | by tessadavis

Last month #ADC_JC discussed this paper which looked at just how good APLS instructors are at performing neonatal CPR.

You may find the results a little surprising…

But I won’t spoil it for you, read Alan Grayson’s take on it via storify.

Our next #ADC_JC will be on Monday 21st October at 9pm.  The paper will be announced shortly – keep your eye on our landing page, or follow us on twitter to find out.

August #ADC_JC – depression and chronic fatigue syndrome

13 Aug, 13 | by tessadavis

August’s #ADC_JC (twitter journal club) was another lively discussion on this paper by Bould et al.

The chat has been storified here - have a read to catch up on the discussion.

Our next #ADC_JC will be in September (date to be announced).  To keep up to date, follow @ADC_JC on twitter or check out our landing page.

July #ADC_JC – long-term effects antenatal steroids (ASTECS-2)

29 Jul, 13 | by tessadavis

Our #ADC_JC in July discussed a paper by Stutchfield et al about the long-term consequences of antenatal steroids for elective c-sections (ASTECS-2).  We were delighted to have Peter Stutchfield join the chat.

Alan Grayson, who was moderating the twitter chat, has put together a storify summarising the discussion and you can view it here.

Follow @ADC_JC for details of August’s #ADC_JC and see our landing page for more info about how to join us.

July’s #ADC_JC our twitter journal club – 17th July 8-9pm.

7 Jul, 13 | by tessadavis

The first Archives of Disease in Childhood twitter journal club was last month and it was a great success.

We had around 40 people involved in the hour-long twitter chat (#ADC_JC) – it was engaging and exciting to be involved in an online discussion with so many paediatric health professionals.

For July’s #ADC_JC we are hoping to keep the momentum going and get even more people involved.


#ADC_JC – the story of our first twitter journal club

14 Jun, 13 | by tessadavis

This month saw the start of #ADC_JC – the Archives of Disease in Childhood twitter journal club.  The aim was to engage paediatric health professionals in social media and discuss a journal paper on twitter in real time. more…

#ADC_JC : Archives of Disease in Childhood’s twitter journal club.

5 Jun, 13 | by Bob Phillips

The Archives of  Disease in Childhood’s twitter journal club started in June 2013 and will discuss one paper each month (@ADC_JC)

The twitter journal club will be facilitated by Tessa Davis, who is a paediatric registrar currently on Out-Of-Programme Time in Sydney Children’s Hospital.  (Follow her on twitter @tessardavis as well!)


Erm, I don’t know how to use twitter….?

Don’t worry, it’s pretty straightforward to get started.  I’ve put together three short screencasts about how to get set up – the first Twitter Basics tutorial is here:


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