Choking on smoke in multi-unit housing

Imagine you are sitting down to enjoy a nice meal in your own dining room, or settling in to your bed to read a good book or perhaps taking a long soak in your bath and all you could smell and breathe is cigarette smoke. Now, if you were eating in a nice restaurant or staying in a hotel or visiting a spa, you could no doubt complain to management and the nonsmoking policy would be quickly and swiftly enforced. But when this smoke is in your own home and the source is your neighbor who lives directly below, what recourse do you have? Non smoking policies in multi-unit dwellings are becoming increasingly popular. Being protected from secondhad smoke in most public places, but not your own home, is neither tolerable or logical.

Recently, Breathe California interviewed Dr. Klepeis , a Consulting Assistant Professor at Stanford University about the effects of secondhand smoke in multi-unit housing. The podcast is interesting and informative.

Breathe California is dedicated to fighting lung disease, advocating for clean air and promoting public health in our local communities. Since 1908, we have addressed the most serious health threats of our time through grassroots programs that empower individual, institutional and community change for better breathing and better living.

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